Sewn with black carbon threading to give it static shielding properties required by ANSI / ESD Association S20.20 standards.

Groundable with wrist strap worn inside left knit cuff. Coil cord attaches to left hip snap. Washable 100 times following label instructions.


*10+ Pricing applies when you buy 10+ of a specific variation (i.e, 10 blue, medium 8812JKMEDBL)

SizesQty 1-9Qty 10+
Small-XL$36.40 USD$33.37 USD
2XL-4XL$39.73 USD$36.42 USD
5XL$43.38 USD$39.77 USD


SizeBack LengthShoulder WidthKnitted Sleeve Length
Small31 inches18.75 inches22 inches
Medium31.25 inches19.25 inches22.25 inches
Large31.50 inches 20.50 inches22.50 inches
XL31.50 inches21.50 inches23 inches
2XL31.75 inches23.50 inches23.50 inches
3XL32.25 inches25.25 inches23.50 inches
4XL32.50 inches26.75 inches23.75 inches
5XL32.50 inches28 inches23.75 inches

Tolerance: + / – 2 inches

Garment Specs

► Made in Compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1

DimensionSpecificationTest Method
Composition88% Polyester 12% CarbonASTM D-629
Ounces Per Square Yard2.2ASTM D-3776-85
Snaps for “Hands Free”
Wrist Strap Use
4mm Stud on the Left Hip, 4mm Socket Snap inside the
Left Cuff
Surface Resistance1 x 106-7 OhmsDIN 54345
Charge Decay.01 secondsNFPA-99
Finished Width60ASTM D-3774-89
Wales per Inch36ASTM D-3887-80
Courses per Inch55-
Wash Shrinkage Length3AATCC-135-1987
Wash Shrinkage Width3(1 (160 degrees) x 10) (Aiix10)
Grab Tensile Length72ASTM D-5034
Grab Tensile Width50ASTM D-5034
Trap Tensile Length16ASTM D-5735
Trap Tensile Width7.5ASTM D-5735
Elongation @ Break Length57ASTM D-5034
Elongation @ Break Width127ASTM D-5034
Stretch Length7ASTM D-4964 (5 lbs)
Stretch Width 50ASTM D-4964 (5 lbs)
FlammabilityPass16 CFR 1610
ColorfastnessDepending on ShadeAATCC

Cleaning / Washing

Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Bleach. Use Only Non-Ionic Detergents and Fabric Softeners. Cool Tumble Dry or Hang. Remove Promptly.

Bleach and surfactants in laundry detergent and fabric softeners can chemically break down the black carbon static shielding fabric woven into ESD smocks and lab coats. Use only liquid non-ionic detergents and fabric softeners that would be appropriate for washing sensitive fabrics like wool.

The surfactants in ionic detergents and fabric softeners usually include anionic (negatively charged) chemicals: alkyl sulfates, alkyl ethoxylate sulfates, and soaps in the ingredient list of your detergent. These can strip the conductive carbon threading of its positive ions leaving it predisposed to carrying negative charges.

Chemicals in Laundry Detergent by Compound Interest

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You should never use chlorine bleach to wash with these garments. It attacks the carbon bonds (which is useful in removing dyes from white clothes) because bleach will destroy the carbon threading of the garment.

Non-chlorine bleaches are those used in “color-safe” commercial bleaches that are activated by contact with oxygen in the water. These are known as oxidizing bleaches: hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and sodium perborate. While not as destructive to the carbon threading as chlorine bleach they are alkalines that can remove carbon with repeated use.


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