Cleanroom ESD Lab Coats

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Cleanroom ESD Safe Lab Coats. Knee Length Suits. 98% Polyester. Zipper and Snaps Covered.

• Meets IEST standards for a “frock” outlined in IEST-RP-CC003 “Garment System Considerations for Cleanrooms”


*10+ Pricing applies when you buy 10+ of a specific variation (i.e, 10 blue, large 5021FKLRGBL)

SizesQty 1-9Qty 10+
Small-XL$36.04 USD$32.76 USD
2XL-4XL$40.92 USD$37.20 USD
5XL$46.42 USD$42.20 USD


5021 Sizes (Inches)

SizeBack LengthSleeve LengthZipper LengthChestNeck
Small40.55 inches33.07 inches21.65 inches22.83 inches17.32 inches
Medium41.55 inches34.06 inches23.62 inches23.62 inches18.11 inches
Large42.91 inches34.84 inches23.62 inches24.80 inches18.90 inches
XL44.09 inches35.83 inches23.62 inches25.59 inches19.69 inches
2XL44.88 inches36.81 inches23.62 inches26.38 inches20.47 inches
3XL45.67 inches37.99 inches23.62 inches27.17 inches21.26 inches
4XL46.46 inches39.17 inches25.59 inches27.95 inches22.05 inches
5XL47.24 inches40.35 inches25.59 inches28.74 inches22.83 inches

5021 Sizes (CM)

SizeBack LengthSleeve LengthZipper LengthChestNeck
Small103 cm84 cm55 cm58 cm44 cm
Medium105.5 cm86 cm60 cm60 cm46 cm
Large109 cm88.5 cm60 cm63 cm48 cm
XL112 cm 91 cm60 cm65 cm50 cm
2XL114 cm93.5 cm60 cm67 cm52 cm
3XL116 cm96.5 cm60 cm69 cm54 cm
4XL118 cm99.5 cm65 cm71 cm56 cm
5XL120 cm102.5 cm65 cm73 cm58 cm

Tolerance: + / – 2 inches | 5 centimetres

Fabric Specs

► Made in Compliance with IEST-RP-CC003 and ANSI/ESD S20.20 2014

DimensionSpecificationTest Method
Composition98% Polyester 2% CarbonAATCC 20
DesignZipper with Snap Closure. Knit Cuff.-
Ounces Per Square Yard5.47
Surface Resistivity105-7 Ohms SquareAATCC 20
Frictional Static Charge (V) Warp90KS K 0555
Tearing Strength – Warp2,992ASTM D 1424
Tearing Strength – Weft2,448ASTM D 1424
Air Permeability ( cc / cm2 / sec)9.3ASTM D 737
Moisture Permeability ( gr / m2 / sec)7.156ASTM E 96
Cleanroom Class1000+FED-STD-209E
Cleanroom Class6ISO
Particle Efficiency (%) 0.3 uM81
Particle Efficiency (%) 0.5 uM85

ISO Clean Room Requirements for Cleanroom Gowning

ProductImageISO 8
Class 100,000
Class 10,000
Class 1,000
Class 100
Class 10
Shoe CoversSuggestedYesYesYesYes
Hair NetsYesYesYesYesYes

Yes – Recommended (per IEST standards)
NR – Not recommended (per IEST standards)
SD – Situation dependent / Application specific (per IEST standards)
Suggested – Suggested based on the collective experience by the working group

Cleaning / Washing

Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Bleach. Use Only Non-Ionic Detergents and Fabric Softeners. Cool Tumble Dry or Hang. Remove Promptly.

Bleach and surfactants in laundry detergent and fabric softeners can chemically break down the black carbon static shielding fabric woven into ESD smocks and lab coats. Use only non-ionic detergents and fabric softeners.

Black Carbon Threading in ESD Smock shown at macro scale

The surfactants in department store detergents and fabric softeners usually include anionic (negatively charged) chemicals: alkyl sulfates, alkyl ethoxylate sulfates, and soaps in the ingredient list of your detergent. These can strip the conductive carbon threading of its positive ions leaving it predisposed to carrying negative charges.

Chemicals in Laundry Detergent by Compound Interest

Click to Enlarge

You should never use chlorine bleach to wash with these garments. It attacks the carbon bonds (which is useful in removing dyes from white clothes) because bleach will destroy the carbon threading of the garment.

Non-chlorine bleaches are those used in “color-safe” commercial bleaches that are activated by contact with oxygen in the water. These are known as oxidizing bleaches: hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, and sodium perborate. While not as destructive to the carbon threading as chlorine bleach they are alkalines that can remove carbon with repeated use.

ESD Safety

Resistance to Charging. The ratio of polyester (the color of the fabric) to carbon (the black thread woven in a grid) in the 5021 Series lab coat makes it static dissipative: resisting charging when the wearer rubs the smock against itself or other objects in your clean room.

Black Carbon Threading in ESD Smock shown at macro scale


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