Cleanroom Sticky Mats

From: $40.83

• Clean Room Grade Quality Sticky Mats for Home, Office, or Construction Sites

• 30 Numbered Disposable Peel off Sheets per Mat. 4 Mats per Carton. Sold per Carton.


SizesQty 1-9 CartonsQty 10+ Cartons
18″ x 36″ (45 x 90cm) White$40.83 USD$37.69 USD
18″ x 36″ (45 x 90cm) Blue$44.55 USD$40.83 USD
24″ x 36″ (60 x 90cm)$50.67 USD$46.77 USD


CompositionLow Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plastic
Thickness / Sheet.048mm + / = 5%
Thickness / Mat1.4mm + / – 5%
Peel Adhesion612g / 25mm (top layer)
ColorsBlue, White

Installing Disposable Sticky Mats

Cleaning the Underlying Surface

Before placing a new mat down or replacing an existing mat, thoroughly clean the underlying surface to remove particulate that may act as a barrier to adhering the mat to the surface. This should be done every time the sticky mat is replaced to make sure adhesive residue is removed.

• Pre-saturated wipes that contains a percentage of isopropyl alcohol.

• Make sure the surface is completely dry before application

Alignment of the Mat with Foot Traffic

Normally the width of the mat should be 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the width of the doorway. It does not normally need to cover the full width because normal traffic when approaching from the perpendicular direction, passes through the middle of the doorway and not along the edge.

However, if the traffic enters from the side of the entryway or at a sharp angle, then the width of the mat needs to be wider than the doorway to allow for enough footfalls.

• The length of the mat should be long enough to provide two footfalls with each foot at each location.

• When placing the mat remove half of the release liner in the long direction of the mat. This will help with the alignment with the pathway.

Once you have the mat in the location you want and it is properly aligned, start smoothing out the half of the mat with the adhesive exposed.

Start at one end and work toward the middle making sure you do not trap air under the mat as you go, then remove the rest of the release liner and smooth the rest of the mat out in the same direction in which you removed the release liner.


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