Cleanroom Paper is designed for writing, printing, and photocopying in controlled environments where the prevention of chemical exportation and particle contamination is necessary.

• 8.5″ x 11″ (Letter Size)
• Packed in ISO Class 5 cleanrooms
• Sold per Box (2500 Sheets / 10 Reams)

Sold per Case of 2500 Sheets / 10 Reams

Part NumberQty 1-9Qty 10+
CRCP81122B$225.55 USD$205.04 USD
CRCP81122Y$245.16 USD$222.87 USD
CRCP81122W$245.16 USD$222.87 USD


Unlike regular paper that sheds pulp particles when torn, our paper is coated with a proprietary polymer formulation that prevents fragmentation of individual cellulose fibers

PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Basic Weight76.7 gm2 +/- 4%-
Width5 mils, .127mmCaliper
Surface Resistivity5.5 x 1010 Ohms SquareEOS/ESD S11.11-1993
Tear Strength (MD)≥ 300 mNElmendorf Tear Test
Tear Strength (CD)≥ 400 mNElmendorf Tear Test
Opacity≥ 85%-

Particle Generation TestMeasured Value
Flexing Test ( ≥ 0.5 um )20 Counts per Cubic Foot per Sheet
At Rest ( ≥ 0.5 um )3 Counts per Cubic Foot per Sheet
Talc Check (by SEM-EDX)< 5 Particles

Anions (-)

Anion (-)Typical Value
CI (Chlorine)0.0004 ug/cm2
F (Fluorine)0.012 ug/cm2
Br (Bromine)0.0002 ug/cm2
NO2 (Nitrogen)Not Detected
NO3 (Nitrate)0.001 ug/cm2
PO4 (Phosphorus)Not Detected
SO4 (Sulfate)0.041 ug/cm2

Cations (+)

Cation (+)Typical Value
Li (Lithium)Not Detected
Na (Sodium)0.10 ug/cm2
NH4 (Ammonium)0.03 ug/cm2
K (Potassium)0.14 ug/cm2
Mg (Magnesium)0.08 ug/cm2
Ca (Calcium)2.00 ug/cm2

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