5750 Series Anti Static Vinyl

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5750 Series Anti Static Vinyl Mats are made from durable vinyl which gives the matting rigidity allowing for heavier objects to slide across or roll over it. Made conductive, they are available as chair mats, shelf liner, and as 75′ rolls. If purchasing a roll, you must use your own freight shipping account.


Part NumberQty 1-9Qty 10+
57500305$190.91 USD$175.00 USD
5750CM46$209.09 USD$191.67 USD
57500406$392.73 USD$360.00 USD
57500375$2,345.45 USD
57500475$3,027.27 USD


PropertiesTypical Values
Thickness0.09 Inches
MaterialSingle Layer of Conductive Vinyl
HardnessShore “A” 80 ± 5
Tensile Strength450 minimum (lb/in2)
Tear Strength75 minimum (lb/in)
Temperature Range-20F to 160F
ESD Resistance Top-to-Top (RTT) (S4.1)< 1 x 106 (ohms)
ESD Resistance to Ground (RTG) (S4.1)< 1 x 106 (ohms)
Coefficient of Friction0.36
ESD Resistance Rating (S7.1) 1 x 103 to 1 x 10 6


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