• Cleanroom Nitrile Finger Cots are double bagged and vacuum sealed for use ISO Class 5 (USA Class 100) cleanroom environments.

• Sold in bulk per 1000 finger cots


SizesQty 1-9Qty 10+


► 100% Nitrile (Latex-Free).
► Anti Static ( 108 to 109 Ohms Square ).
► Double Bagged and Vacuum Sealed for use in ISO Class 5 (USA Class 100) Cleanroom Environments.
Manufactured from Carboxylated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (XNBR), Elimstat.com Nitrile Finger Cots are a non-latex powder-free material designed especially to protect products from oils, perspiration, and static electricity that build up on the skin’s surface.

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