• (1) Wristband captures static electrons directly from your body. Metal banded.

• (1) Coil Cord (6 ft. or 12 ft.) and (1) clip included: slides over cord plug if needed.

• Provides the highest body-to-ground surface contact area of any wrist strap.


ProductQty 1-9Qty 10-99Qty 100+
Wristband Only$13.10 USD$11.91 USD$10.92 USD
Wrist Strap and 6′ Cord$22.56 USD$20.51 USD$18.80 USD
Wrist Strap and 12′ Cord$24.28 USD$22.07 USD$20.23 USD


FabricMetal Banded
Ground Contact360 degrees around Wrist
Wrist Strap Snap4mm Stud Snap
Snap Release1-5 lbs of Pressure
Cord Length6 foot and 12 foot options
Cord MaterialPolished Polyurethane Coil Insulation
Cord Snap Type4mm Socket Snap
Cord Plug TypeSwivel Type Plug with 6 leaves for Banana Jack
Cord Plug AlternativeAlligator Clip slides over Plug for Banana Jack
Cord Resistor1 Meg Ohm Resistor Built Inside
Cord Diameter2.5mm
Cord Flex Life50,000 Flexes

Wrist Strap

Metal bands capture static directly from your skin’s surface at a conductive rate. (Provides the highest body-to-ground surface contact area of any wrist strap).

ESD Resistance Chart for Metal Banded Anti Static Wrist Strap

A 4mm stud snap on the wrist strap is where the 4mm socket snap of the coil cord connects to it.

For optimal performance, make sure nothing (including an ESD Smock sleeve) gets between the wrist strap and the skin surface of the wearer.

Coil Cord

On the outside, the cord is made of polished polyurethane (PU) that is static dissipative.

1 Meg Ohm Resistor built into Cord for Wrist Strap for Static Dissipative Transfer Rate to Ground / Earth

On the inside, the encapsulated 1 meg ohm resistor ensures that electrons are transferred through the cord to ground at a static dissipative rate.

Static electrons collected off your body by the wrist strap are transferred to ground by attaching the coil cord to grounding:

a wrist strap ground, or a common point ground.

Alternatively, you can clip the coil cord to a metal railing with the included alligator clip (which slides over the plug).

1 Meg Ohm Resistor

1 Meg Ohm = 1 x 106 Ohms

1 Meg Ohm Resistor built into Cord for Wrist Strap for Static Dissipative Transfer Rate to Ground / Earth

A 1 Meg Ohm Resistor is built into the coil cord to slow down an electrostatic discharge event (ESD) from a highly charged ungrounded surface from discharging instantaneously through the coil cord.

Typically a 1 Meg Ohm Resistor slows down an electrostatic discharge (ESD) a few more milliseconds than if it were not present.

Connect Grounding to Wrist Straps

Electrical outlets are normally the best ground for a wrist strap in any building. This is because the wiring of outlets typically follows the piping of the building to earth underneath the building.

Wrist Straps can be grounded at a common point with a mat or separately to a wrist strap ground that ties into an electrical socket

The coil cord ends in a plug that can be connected to a banana jack present on a variety of grounds: a wrist strap ground (which grounds the wrist strap separate from anything else), a common point ground (which grounds both an ESD mat and a wrist strap), or a continuous monitor (which issues audible alarms when not grounded).

Component Parts for Grounding an ESD Wrist Strap

Ground cables end in an “eyelet”. This eyelet is a metal ring that you can screw into the nearest electrical outlet to transfer static from the ground to the electrical outlet.

If you cannot reach an electrical outlet the next best thing to do is to use the “alligator clip” that comes with the wrist strap. Slide the clip over the cord’s plug so that it can be clipped to a railing that leads to your floor below.

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