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• Bright Yellow Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tape for marking floors

• Print reads “ESD: Safeguarded Work Area” with ESD Susceptibility symbol
• 2″ and 3″ wide rolls available in lengths of 32 yards.


2" x 32 yards$39.90
3" x 32 yards$59.54


Backing35 micron Pure Cellulose
Thickness2.0 mils (.05 mm)
AdhesiveSolvent Based Natural Rubber
Adhesion34 oz / inch
Ball Tack20
Holding Strength1/32" per 2 hours
SST Plate1/2" x 1"; 1 kg. load
Tensile Strength24 lbs / inch
Elongation22% at break
Temperature Resistance32F to 150 F / 0C to 66 C