Elimstat Micro Blower

From: $549.00

• Variable Speeds (21 and 42 Cubic Feet per Minute)


ProductQty 1Qty 2+
Without Power Supply$54900$510.00
With Power Supply$582.00$540.00

Specifications for Elimstat Micro Blowers

Surface Mount Area. Elimstat Micros weigh 1.1 lbs taking up 3″(width) x 5.5″ (height) x 2.5″ (depth) and are available with an optional articulating arm for mounting inside machine enclosures and other restricted surface mount areas.

Corona Ionization. To create corona ionization, a high voltage is applied to an emitter point resulting in an electric field around the emitter. This high voltage field interacts with the electrons in the nearby gas molecules, resulting in positive or negative ions, depending on the type of high voltage that is applied.

Steady-State DC Corona Ionization.Steady State DC Corona Ionization works by applying the continuous positive high voltage with direct current (DC) to half of the emitter points and negative high voltage to the other half. The Elimstat Micro comes with 6 stainless steel emitter points.


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