Aerostat® FPD Blowers

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• Low Maintenance ESD Ionizer with built-in emitter cleaners using highly reliable AC technology


Input Voltage120 VAC, 60 Hz: 0.3A (2-fan); 0.4A (3-Fan); 0.5A (4-fan)
Discharge Time1.0 seconds @ 1 foot (0.3m) center blower position; fan high(1000-100V)
SwitchON/OFF Switch
Fan SpeedRecessed fan speed control
IndicatorsIonization ON light
Audible Noise59-69 dBA (max), measured @ 1' (0.6m) from blower
Operating EnvironmentTemperature 50-90F (10-32C); humidity 30-70% relative humidity, non-condensing
OzoneEquilibrium concentration <0.02ppm
Air Filter30 ppi open cell polyurethane foam (optional)
MountingStainless Steel Bracket
EnclosurePowder-coated white enamel aluminum
Weight2-fan: 10 lb (4.5 kg); 3-fan: 13 lb (5.9 kg); 4-fan: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
Dimensions 2-Fan23.25 L x 4.0 H x 6.25 D (inches) | 590 L x 100 H x 160 D (mm)
Dimensions 3-Fan35.5 L x 4.0 H x 6.25 D (inches) | 900 L x 100 H x 160 D (mm)
Dimensions 4-Fan47.75 L x 4.0 H x 6.25 D (inches) | 1215 L x 100 H x 160 D (mm)
WarrantyTwo year limited warranty


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