Simco Ion™ Aerostat PC Benchtop Blower


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• AC Corona Ionization. Eliminates Static from Ungrounded Objects

• Reduces Charged Objects from 1000 volts to 100 volts in 1.5 seconds from 1 Foot Distance.

• 120V, 60 Hz, includes Heater.

• Built-In Emitter Point Cleaner prevents the build-up of airborne debris.


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Simco Ion™ Aerostat PC Blower$683.00


Input Voltage120 VAC, 60 Hz: 1.7A (fan high, heater on); 0.1A (fan low, heater off)
230 VAC, 50 Hz: 0.9A (fan high, heater on); 0.05A (fan low, heater off)
Discharge Time1.5 seconds @ 1 Foot (1000v to 100v)
Balance±10V @ 1′
Ion EmissionAC Ionization
Emitter PointsStainless Steel
Coverage1′ x 5′ area
ControlsHEATER ON/OFF switch; BLOWER ON fan speed control knob
Indicator Lights Orange IONIZATION STATUS
Airflow35-70 cubic feet per minute
Heated Air TempFan High:12-15F (7-8C) above ambient;
Fan Low: 6-8F (4-5C) above ambient, measured at 12″ in front of blower (Heater optional)
Audible NoiseFan speed low 50 dB; fan speed high 57 dB (2’from unit)
Air Velocity (Fan Low)250 Feet Per Minute @ 1 Foot; 200 Feet per Minute @ 2 Feet;
150 Feet per Minute @ 3 Feet; 125 Feet Per Minute @ 4 Feet
Operating EnvironmentTemperature 59-95F (15-35C);
humidity 30-70% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
Ozone0.005 ppm measured 6″ in front of unit;
test conducted in accordance with EPA EQQA-0577-019
using Dasibi Ozone Monitor Model 10030AH
Air Filter30 psi open cell polyurethane foam (optional)
MountingMetal Mounting Stand/Bracket included
EnclosureAluminum/Polyester Epoxy
Weight5.7 lbs (2.6 kg)
Dimensions8.625 inches (height) 5.5 inches (width) 3.25 inches (diameter)
/ (14 x 22 x 8.4 cm)
WarrantyTwo Year Limited Warranty

AC Corona Ionization

AC Corona Ionization. When an AC ionizer is used high voltage is applied to a single emitter point that cycles between negative and positive at line frequency (50/60 Hz). Since the cycles are so fast, there is a high level of recombination of ions.

When should I use an AC Air Ionizer?

AC corona ionization is most appropriately used in industrial applications where the ionizer can be placed close to the charged objects and cleanliness is not required.

How does ESD Air Ionization Work?

When AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) is applied to a sharp emitter point it creates an electric field or “corona” around the emitter. This high voltage corona of ions then interacts with electrons in the nearby gas molecules “cleaning” the air of unwanted charged air molecules.

ESD Air ionizers are used to remove static electric charges from the surfaces of ungrounded objects. (Keep in mind, you can use anti static mats to ground table tops and standing surfaces.) However, if you need to make sure static is not building up on your workstations consider using ESD air ionization.


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